ROBOX is an integrated compression package for conveying low pressure gases, equipped with the RBS positive displacement rotary lobes blower, driven by electric motor trough a special V-belt transmission, and complete with all necessary accessories. ROBOX packages perform up to 150m3/min capacity and fit up to 250 kW motors. For higher capacities and up to 250 kW motor installed power, GRB packages with standard V belt drive transmission are available, wheras for installed power over 250 kw, CRB packages with direct drive or gearbox are used.


The heart of ROBOX is the innovative RBS blower especially designed to suit this special compression unit.

Inlet silencer

Inlet silencer consists of a patented, adjustable device that can be tuned in order to reduce the noise at blowers basic frequency through the interference phenomenon of sound waves, and of an absorptive device fading the noise frequency over 500Hz. The filter positioned into the silencer, just before the blower inlet port, avoiding pollution of conveyed gas even in case the absorbing material is demaged. In GRB,CRB packages the silencer is a broad frequency band type.

Discharge silencer

Discharge silencer consists of a cross flow resonance chamber cutting noise frequencies over 500Hz, connected in series to a patented adjustable divice reducing the noise at blowers basic frequency trough the interference phonomenon of sound waves. Discharge silencer has been especially designed to reduce pressure losses int he conveyed gas flow. The absence of deadening material prevents the gas pollution and guarantees steady, efficient operation of the silencer throughout the time.The silencer body is a part of the base plate, common to the blower and to the driving motor. In GRB, CRB packages, silencer is a broad frequency band resonance type without sound absorbing material.


V-belt drive is designed with a special patent device, supporting the motor on swinging brackets, which reuces loads on blowers and motors bearings, assuring and keepung automatically the correct belt tension during operation, with no need of periodical adjusting. Brackets can be easily adjusted to suit different motor size. In GRB packages V-belt drive is adjusted trough a standard slide rails tensioning . CRB packages drives is direct trough standard flixible coupling or trough gearbox to suit motor power up to 500 kW.

Electric motor

ROBOX is designed for three phases, B3 type, IEC norm motors with minimum IP 55 protection.

Safety valve

The safety valve limits the operating differential pressure value of the blower. It is made of G200 galvanised cast iron to make it weater-proof.

Valve prevents

The valve prevents counter rotation of the blower when it is stopped under load. It is provided with a new disc in heat resistent rubber, reinforced with metallic core, that grant free gas flow through its full open passage section, reducing pressure losses and avoiding disc clattering under low flow conditions.

Valve available

The valve available upon request, allows direct gas discharge during start up in particular when using star delta starter.Operation is fully automatic and does not require electric actuator. Electric control can be provided upon request.

Noise enclosure

Noise enclosure allows to meet the most stringent noise specifications. It is provided with self supporting, galvanized steel panels coated with poliurethane self extinguishing sound absorbing material. Side panels shield the package down to the ground level assuring the highest noise reduction effect.