RBS is the new innovative positive displacement rotary blower especially designed for application in ROBOX package. The blower fits special profile three lobes rotors which, together with a new design of the Low Pulse system, reduce residual pulsations of the conveyed gas below the 2% of operating pressure. Oversized shafts allow higher working pressure and higher rotation speed. Reinforced bearings and in particular the drive shaft one, positioned closer to the rotor in order to cope with V-belt drive loads.





Parts Standard Blower Size
    10-86 95-106 115-225
Rotor UNI UNI 8551 C43 UNI-ISO 1083 GS 400-15
DN DIN 17212 1.1193 DIN 1696 0.7040
ASTM A576-86 GR 1043 A 536-84 GR 60-40-18
Axis UNI UNI 8551 C43 UNI-ISO 1083 GS 400-15 UNI-EN 10083/1 C40
DN DIN 17212 1.1193 DIN 1696 0.7040 DIN 17200 1.1186
ASTM A 576-86 GR 1043 A 536-84 GR 60-40-18 A 576-86 GR 10 40
Casing/Cover UNI-ISO 185 G 200
DIN 1691 0.6020
A 48 GR 30
Drive UNI 7086 18 NiCrMo 5
DIN 17212 1.6523
A 534 C1 4720



Roller bearings are used, selected for B 10 life of at least 50.000 hours under the heaviest operating condition.


Helycal teeth gears are used, with hardened and ground surface assuring a runing life close to bearings one. Gears are oil press drive non taper shafts.


Sealing of the conveyed gas is assured by labyrinth seal ont he shaft integrated with oil slinger. These seals ensure that the gas is conveyed oil free asuring proper operation for long life since without wearing parts. To convey special gas , blowers with special seals ( TM-V / PR-v ) can be supplied. The drive shaft is sealed by a lip seal, but for special applications it is possible to install mechanical seals (TMS).


Bearings and gears are lubricated by the oil splashed trough disk fitted on shafts.


The blower and lubrication oil are cooled by natural convection up to outlet gas temperature Of 150 °C, beyond this temperature and up to 160 °C the cooled version (/R-V) with oil – water heat exchanger is available. Any other cas e please consult with Robuschi or dealer.